“This Is DC, You Know”

Photo by paul-simon.org via Flickr

I pulled my bike up to the library bike rack and got ready to lock it up. A man who was unlocking his bike at the same time told me I should get a better lock (note: my lock is the best on the market) because “this is DC, you know”. He proceeded to tell me that he was going to buy another lock at Wal-Mart for $25, because he “wasn’t going to buy no $40 lock”. I said, “Good luck with that”. Then he looked at my lock and said, “Isn’t that just like a woman, buying a little lock like that!” I informed him that small locks are more effective deterrent against theft, as the large locks leave more space for a thief to try to pry the lock open. The man then rode off as I walked into the library, mumbling to himself.

Submitted by RM on 6/18/2010

Location: MLk Library

Time of Harassment: Eveing Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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5 responses to ““This Is DC, You Know”

  1. Golden Silence

    What the hell?! That was a weird interaction.

  2. Looks like he needs to take a class…mind your own business 101! That’s one of the cases where I probably would have ignored him and allowed him to carry a conversation with himself.

  3. This entry proves something I’ve suspected for some time from reading this blog: any conversation, any glance, any encounter whatsoever between a male and a female can be deemed harassment, regardless of the intent or even sexual orientation of the male involved. Men, take note: Do not speak to women in public, unless first spoken to. No one wants his intentions misinterpreted.

  4. A nice little one-two punch of sexism and wannabe bike snob ignorance. You did well to educate him.

  5. why is this harassment?

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