There Is Hope!

Check out this great submission we got from Julia!

I wanted to put up a general post about harrassment, not a specific incident as on the page default, but I wasn’t sure if you accept that kind of submission. I wanted to write a quick note about two things that really help me avoid harassment when I’m out and about, and I thought sharing this might help others. One, of course, is my big dog. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than when men cross the street when they see the two of us coming (She’s a total sweetheart with people who are well intentioned, but she seems to have a radar for bad intentions that gets her hackles up.). The other has to do with the loud pretend arguments I start on my cellphone when a stranger tries to catch my eye in a way I don’t like. I have never been harassed when screaming into my phone: “I don’t care! I told you what the situation was, and you’re just going to have to deal with it! It’s not MY problem. No, you’re the idiot!” Or some variation on that theme. 🙂

I also wanted to say how much I appreciate this website. When I was 27 years old (12 years ago), I moved out of the District to Takoma Park because I finally stopped leaving my apartment unless it was with my husband or to go to work. The street harassment at 17th and P and in Dupont Circle generally was nonstop and not something I could even begin to ignore–even having the husband around didn’t end it. Perhaps I would have stayed in the District if you guys had been around or at least I would have had somewhere to vent. Regardless, keep up the good work. Your work helps keep those of us who have dealt with this sane, and I think it’s going a long way in showing skeptical people (“Aw come on! You should take it as a compliment!”) what a toll this stupidity takes.

Thanks Julia! Keep up the fight!


2 responses to “There Is Hope!

  1. I like the doggie tactic, but it concerns me that one has to feign the “hysterical crazy bitch” stereotype just to be left in peace to walk down the street safely. Just as I hate getting called a “crazy bitch” when i holla back at aggressors- when THEY are the inappropriate ones.

  2. I know we each have to do what we need to to deter harassment, but posts like this hit a bag cord with me because, ultimately, the onus of responsibility shouldn’t be on anyone to avoid harassment, it should be on people to stop harassing others.

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