GOTV: Week Two of Pepsi Refresh

Photo by Rajiv Patel via flickr

We are in week 2 of the Pepsi Challenge.  We went from 241st place to 74th place.  This week, we can break the 40s.  We really can.

We are submitting another grant today for RightRides DC, but the maximum amount we can ask for is $2K.  We need at least $50K to start this project which we can get if we win!  Please vote for the RightRides project through at least three portals (and yes, you can do ALL three):

  • Vote online using your email address:;
  • Text 101523 to PEPSI (73774); and
  • Vote through the Facebook application, signing in through Pepsi Challenge and allowing the application on your wall.

Please don’t forget to fill out this quick survey and let us know how often we can bug you.

Since you get ten votes every single day AND it’s only one vote per organization per day, use the other votes to vote for the Refresh Respect Coalition members that currently include Becky’s Fund, Street Yoga, Body Logique, MS Dreams.

Please share this and why you voted with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Thank you for making our dreams one step closer to reality!


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