Degraded on the Red Line

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Photo by hyku via flickr

I was in the metro, on the Red Line, heading north at around 3:30pm in February. The car was somewhat empty, with only 3 people or so in the car, plus myself. I was bundled up head to toe with scarves and a winter coat, but noticed a man in the back corner seat staring at me. He begins jacking off while staring at me in the middle of the car.

I left and switched cars at the next stop, but had no idea how to report it. I didn’t look at him much and didn’t know what car I was in – I just wanted to get out of there! It was absolutely degrading.

Submitted by DB om 8/9/2010

Location: Red Line heading north

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3 responses to “Degraded on the Red Line

  1. Never hesitate to contact Metro Transit Police at 202-962-2121. You can also contact the train operator by using the intercoms located at each end of every rail car.

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