week three

Cannot believe that it is already week 3 of August 2010.  Time flies too fast.

Last week was a roller coaster for our standing.  First, we started off at 70, then went up to 68, came back down to 71, and are now at 75.  The weekends really kill us.  But, we are still remaining positive and you all really help us in that positivity process.

If you have wondered why this project and creating a RightRides program is important, read “Degraded on the Red Line.” DB is lucky that the perp didn’t go further…and we are also thankful that DB had enough courage to share the experience with us.  If DB or you had an option to take a free, late night service, we know many of you would utilize it, volunteer for it, and even spread the word as wide as possible and get chapters in other cities and places you love.

For DB and the countless others, please keep voting.  Remember you can vote three ways every single day in August.

  1. Vote by going to http://pep.si/c39T2R using your email address;
  2. Text “101523” to PEPSI (73774); and
  3. Vote by Facebook application- Pepsi Refresh Voting App.

Thank you to the Captains, the tweeters, and the on the ground activists that are spreading the word.  Let’s make it happen!


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