It Doesn’t Matter What You Wear

Many times individuals who submit public sexual harassment experiences to us include what they were wearing at the time of harassment. But we know that it doesn’t matter what you wear.  Public Sexual harassment can happen when you wearing booty shorts, a dress, sweat pants, or a winter coat and last weeks “What Were You Wearing When You Were Harassed?” poll that Jezebel published, once again proves that no matter what you wear (or what you are doing) you can be a target for public sexual harassment.

Here are the poll’s results:

Here are some of the more things that folks wrote in the “other” category:

  • while picking my nose
  • in a bar, in a car, in a hat, on a mat…
  • carrying stacks of books around from the library
  • in scout uniform, in overalls and in granny jumpers
  • wearing a hijab
  • walking, waiting for a bus, generally being female
  • wearing USMC camo uniform
  • with women/with my girlfriend/at pride and/or queer events
  • walking to a restaurant with my parents at age 13
  • picking up dog poop
  • giving a guy a lapdance.
  • doing the time warp
  • in an ambulance after I broke my LEG.
  • While at the top of a 20 foot ladder.
  • entering a house of worship
  • Unbathed in the aftermath of a hurricane by out of state rescue workers.
  • dressed as the Virgin Mary (not a joke)
  • karate uniform
  • dressed as a toy soldier for a production of The Nutcracker, at age 12
  • crying my eyes out over a family death
  • walking my son in stroller; attending a pro-choice lobby day at my state capital
  • wearing my Arby’s uniform
  • while having a job interview at an outside cafe
  • crying/ about to get an abortion
  • Like a fucking Amish lady
  • As a 9 year old, wearing overalls.
  • with horse-manure stains on my clothes and hay in my hair
  • wearing ann taylor
  • in a gargoyle costume (it was Halloween, and no, I wasn’t a “sexy gargoyle.”
  • What were you wearing or doing the last time you experienced public sexual harassment in DC?


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