Raw Fruit Pie for Your Vote

Check it out, folks.  Daily reminder to vote.  You know the drill, but here it is again:

  1. Vote by going to http://pep.si/c39T2R using your email address;
  2. Text “101523” to PEPSI (73774); and
  3. Vote by Facebook application- Pepsi Refresh Voting App.

Here is another Pepsi Refresh Capitain that we want to profile. 

Cameron is an artist activist in the DC area who has been sending e-mails and posting about the vote on Facebook. In her e-mails she includes basic info about the organization, the Right Rides Initiative, and why she thinks it is important. We are honored to have met her at the canvassing a few weeks back.

Here is why this project is important to her:

HBDC! is important to me because I’ve been receiving street harassment since I was a child growing up in the DC area. At the age of 11, it’s nearly impossible to grow into adulthood feel empowered about yourself and your body in the face of strange men leering at you and making sexual comments to you nearly every time you leave your house. I believe receiving so much harassment at such a young age had a very negative impact on my ability to feel positively about my body as I became a woman and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin for many years. It took nearly ten years before I found a community of women and supporters who felt the same way I did about street harassment, and before I felt I had the tools to fight back and confront harassers. I wish Holla Back DC! had existed when I was growing up in this area. Projects like the HBDC! blog and the Right Rides Initiative can teach young girls and young gay, queer and trans kids who receive this kind of harassment that it is not their fault and that it should not be happening. That knowledge can help create empowered people and healthier, safer communities.

Another sweet tooth Holla Backer!  Check out this raw fruit pie recipe (it only has four ingredients!).

R A W . F R U I T . P I E

C R U S T:
2 cups raw mixed nuts (whatever kinds of nuts you want)
1 cup dates, pitted
1/4 tsp salt (optional)

Put them all in a food processor and blend, blend, blend until it becomes small crumbs. Then pour the crumbs into a 9-inch pie dish and press down to form the pie crust. Put the pie dish in the freezer for about 15 min while you make the filling.

F I L L I N G:
6 cups fresh fruit, cut into small pieces (whatever fruit you want–I like strawberries or peaches)
2 tbs fresh lemon juice
1 cup dates, pitted and soaked about 10 minutes

Put 2 cups of the sliced fruit in a food processor with the dates and the lemon juice. Blend until you have a smooth liquid. Pour the mixture into a big bowl with the rest of the fruit and mix it with a spoon. Then pour the filling over the pie crust. You can eat the pie now, but the consistency is less runny if you refrigerate for an hour or two.

Have you been publicly sexual harassed or assaulted?

I have been both publicly sexually harassed and assaulted, and have seen it happen to others. The worst incident that I can remember was when a group of five men harassed me for nearly 20 minutes at a bus stop, saying some of the foulest and most explicit sexual things I’d ever heard. It was on a Friday on my way home from work and I didn’t leave my house all that weekend. When I was younger, the harassment made me feel ashamed. In my late teens and early twenties, it made me feel uncontrollably angry, with no tools to channel that anger into a healthy response. Now it still makes me feel angry, but not in a way where my anger takes control of me, because I’m more comfortable calmly telling someone “That’s not okay” or responding in other constructive ways, and I feel more comfortable speaking about my experiences. (emphasis added)

What an amazing community of folks.  Thanks for spreading the word and letting your networks know why Holla Back DC! is so important.


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