“I was just saying.”

I was walking from the bus stop to my house, and I heard someone yelling. All of a sudden this man on a bike rode up behind me and yelled “Oh I wanna take a bite out of that,” and I jumped because I was so startled. He noticed and he slowed down and said he was sorry, he “was just saying.” It seemed like he couldn’t believe that I would be upset. I didn’t look at him. I just wanted him to go away, so I told him to go on now. I was too shaken up to process what was happening. I couldn’t tell if he was sincere or if he was enjoying how visibly uncomfortable I was.

Submitted by anonymous on 9/2/2010

Location: Florida Ave & 5th NW

Time of Harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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One response to ““I was just saying.”

  1. he was ‘just saying’ he wants to bite you. i can only hope he didn’t consciously reflect on that as a ‘just saying’ statement. sigh.

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