“I don’t own her”

So I’m all dolled up for a joint birthday dinner date with the husband, but since I left my metro pass in the house and am slow moving in heels, the husband ran back to get it while I waited at the entrance for him.

Not 30 seconds after he leaves, this random man walks up to me, and starts talking to me “You’re so pretty, that dress is beautiful…” I interrupt him with “Please, sir, I’m waiting for my husband and I’d like to do so in peace.” He keeps talking, I repeat my request. He asks to take my picture. I say absolutely not. He offers to PAY ME to take my picture. I’m now offended instead of just overly annoyed. “Um, no. What the hell would possess you to ask me that question? Who do you think I am to you?” I respond. Since my voice is raised, the metro operator comes out and asks ME why I’m giving the dude such a hard time.

I don’t answer because by this time the harasser has slunk away, into the metro stop. The husband gets back and we end up on the same damn train car as the harasser. The dude starts apologizing to the husband… “I’m sorry, you’re so lucky, your wife is so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself….” blah, blah, blah. The husband, to his credit, says “You know the reason I’m so lucky? I know better than to speak to women that way. You owe her an apology, not me. I don’t own her.”

The funny part was that the harasser at this point looked around the car for someone to aid in his defense and, finding everyone glaring at him like the tool he was, told the husband he was whipped and stormed off. Of course the husband would stand up for me, but it was nice to see the rest of the car supporting the both of us. Hopefully, they’ll stand up for the next woman.

Submitted by Anon on 9/6/2010


One response to ““I don’t own her”

  1. Your husband is awesome in supporting you. Awesome! The harasser was a dummy.

    Since my voice is raised, the metro operator comes out and asks ME why I’m giving the dude such a hard time.

    Why am I not surprised? Especially when Metro operators PARTAKE in harassment themselves most of the time.

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