New Metro Ads

This morning reported that WMATA has unvailed new signs on how to contact the Metro police.


In the wake of some high-profile incidents, Metro is apparently getting a jump on putting up new signs advertising the number for Metro transit police. The above sign was spotted by my colleague Sommer Mathis on the 92 bus last week. The sign looks a tad different from the one recently unveiled at a Riders’ Advisory Council meeting. Notice the burly cop with the tough-guy stance.

The signs should be going onto trains and buses throughout the system in the coming weeks.

What do you think about the new metro safety ads? Will they help increase the number of sexual harassment and assault incidents that are reported?


2 responses to “New Metro Ads

  1. That is a great image with the burly cop! 🙂

    But I really like the suggestions for ads I saw on Hollaback a while ago… the “Excuse me–is that your hand on my thigh? Please remove it or I will call the police” type of ads. Now, maybe if we had some of those going up on Metro, we could get our point across!

  2. I understand posting the phone number on the bus as a potential deterrent, or at least as a way for people to be able to call, but there are a few problems:

    First, this phone number should be displayed on ALL metro buses, not just the ones that didn’t sell out their adspace. Perhaps it should be in a special location that is not normally occupied by ads?

    Second, when I’ve seen them on the metro (subway, not bus), I can’t help but laugh. “Gee, thanks, metro. I’ll be sure to call a metrocop from my cell phone which has no service underground. Thanks for making yourselves so available….”

    Third, at least from reading this blog, it seems that metro employees themselves are often part of the problem. I’m not sure how signage would/could fix that, but perhaps also including a woman in the picture? I know when I’m feeling uncomfortable because of some guy on the bus, the last person I would want to go to is the big burly man in a uniform who thinks he IS (above) the law…. I might think of calling if it seemed that there might be a woman who would be more understanding of the issue.

    Anyway, just brainstorming.

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