Why It Took So Long to Tell You About Pepsi Challenge

Fall is slowly in the air in DC and that always means new notebooks, new pens, and new goals for this year.  Even though we aren’t students anymore, you can’t shake the decades worth of the academic calendar!  But, before we jump into what we’ve been up to we want to say THANK YOU for all your support during the month of August for the Pepsi Challenge.  We are amazed that a small community group of activists got up the ranks to the 60s.  And we helped other groups in trying to reach their goals.  Although we didn’t win, we made a lot of great connections and it bolstered our confidence in this organization.  Thank YOU for all your help, sending the link to your networks, and starting an online community of action takers.  A big, big, big KUDOS to our HBDC! captains. You all rock!

Sorry this didn’t come sooner.  We’ll tell you why.  This September has been jam packed with events and activities for the Holla Back DC! team.  We presented at the National Sexual Assault Conference to a crowd of over 80 individuals who are interested in addressing public sexual assault and harassment in their communities.  We also have done a couple of community forums across DC and garnered more interest for Right Rides DC and the HBDC! Anti-Street Harassment Squad!

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out this form.  We plan on starting volunteer corp trainings in the next couple of weeks.

In solidarity,

HBDC! Team (Ben, Carolyn, Chai, Josef, Patti, Paula, Shannon, Stacey)


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