Stop Following Us!

I was walking back to the car from Adams Morgan in a group of 5 women, and we passed 2-3 men standing in the little triangular plaza on Columbia Rd. near Euclid St. One of them started walking with us, asking us “What are five girls like you doing out here all alone? Why don’t you have any men with you?” as if he was doing us some kind of favor by following us down the sidewalk. We kept walking, some of us ignoring him and others asking him to please stop following us as his friends behind us laughed. The man kept commenting on our appearances and the fact that we needed some company, until finally I demanded that he stop following us and let us return to our car alone.

He walked back to his friends, but we continued to hear them laughing and shouting loudly at us, following us at a distance for the next couple of blocks. We were all a little bit nervous and freaked out that they continued to follow us, but none of us looked back in case it would encourage them. We passed a couple walking their dog, who turned back to see what the commotion was about, but said nothing to us. They eventually stopped following us and we made it back to the car fine, but were all feeling a little shaken up from the experience.

Submitted by anonymous on 9/29/2010

Location: Columbia Rd. & Euclid St. NW

Time of Harassment: Late Night (12A-5A)

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6 responses to “Stop Following Us!

  1. A lot of people consider Columbia Heights to be a “gauntlet” of harassment, but I feel Adams Morgan heading towards Mt. Pleasant is just as bad, if not worse.

    Years back, which I believe was my last time in Adams Morgan at night, it seemed as if every man on the streets around there, regardless of race, age, socioeconomic status, was out there catcalling and harassing my friend and I as we walked towards my Zipcar. It was dehumanizing and I remember talking back to every punk who said something, while my friend was more quiet about it. Even in the “safety” of the car guys were still trying to yell at us!

    I think police need to be amped up more around there. That area is just not that safe. Even in daytime if I have to pass through that area I’m on edge.

  2. these men want to get laid, but have terrible game. give them a break and stop being a bitch

    • these men want to get laid, but have terrible game. give them a break and stop being a bitch

      Who gives a good goddamn what these men want? Your response is ignorant and makes me sick. Calling the woman who told her story a “bitch” is part of the problem. Men like you feel entitled to women, and if a woman speaks up for herself she’s a “bitch.” She’s not allowed to have her own feelings and emotions about her take on this. So obnoxious. All men like you are lame assholes. Take your trolling elsewhere.

  3. Get em Golden Silence! One of the strongest women in cyberspace. I am a woman who’s been through a lot because of trashy guys, and I love your strength! This guy should be ashamed of himself calling a woman out of her name because she doesn’w want to be harassed. If a woman he actually cared about was going through that I doubt his sentiments to would be himself. Why even come to to this website with that kind of talk?

    • Thanks for the compliment, anonymous. I just hate it when trolls come around making comments that don’t contribute towards the conversation.

  4. Adams Morgan can be awful! Walking home one night in a group of 5 girls we had cars stopping and holding traffic to make cat calls and tell us how “fly” and “sexy” we all were. I’m sorry, but if a man wants to compliment a woman, there’s a place, time, and way to do it. You do not do it licking your lips, staring at her breasts, and holding up traffic. Half these dickless assholes do it to make their friends laugh, which is about as funny at age 30 as it was at age 12 to these buffoons. We’re not expecting men to lay their coats over puddles for us, but for god’s sake if you are expecting us to lift up our skirts the second you whistle at us, you have another thing coming.

    I for one will definitely be fighting back in DC.

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