Stop Looking at My Moms!

A reader sent in this great insight on this video:

I saw this video on While I think I started watching
because of the novelty of a video tagged as “tiny rapping child”
(though the boy in the video looks more like a young teenager), I
quickly realized that what he’s rapping about is actually related to
street harassment. His message is to “stop looking at my mom” and he
proceeds to rap a message to men who give his mother unwanted
attention and asks them to stop. The video depicts examples of his
“mom” and other women getting unwanted attention – I recognized it as
street harassment. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I only wish that
the men engaged in street harassment would heed the message to
remember that when they treat women with disrespect, they are doing it
(likely) to someone’s mother (or sister or daughter).


4 responses to “Stop Looking at My Moms!

  1. I originally saw this on Love the video and the message it sends! These men need to realize that the woman they’re having a carefree time harassing could be someone’s mother.

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