UMD Presentation

Last night we had the amazing opportunity to talk about street harassment with a group of students at UMD.  Here is what the student paper had to say, following our presentation on street harassment.

Melissa Wood wasn’t even walking alone. Suddenly, she said she felt a stranger’s hands in her hair and his arm around her shoulder.

It was nighttime in downtown College Park, but Wood, a sophomore hearing and speech major, said she was surprised her harasser wasn’t discouraged by the group. So much for safety in numbers, she said.

The community organization Holla Back DC! – the Washington-area branch of the international movement that aims to eliminate street harassment – gives a voice to victims by allowing them to post their experiences on the website.

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Thank you to Feminists for Sexual Health for having us!


3 responses to “UMD Presentation

  1. I read the article, and while I appreciated the article, I didn’t appreciate most of the lame, ignorant and violence-endorsing comments. (I’ll bet you can pinpoint my comment from a mile away.) It’s intensely frustrating to see that 50% of the commenters don’t even believe that sexual harassment exists, and that this is what we “deserve” as part of “equality”.

    • Oh my goodness, the ignorant comments there drove me up a wall. It’s sadly par for the course anytime street harassment’s mentioned. Comments need to be banned from these stories until people (mostly misogynists) learn how to make commentary like civilized human beings.

  2. We just have to keep up the good fight and change minds one at a time … eventually the rest of society will catch up. It may take decades or emotional evolution, but eventually we will succeed …

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