When Street Harassment Leads to Murder

Yesterday we received this email:

Hey Holla Back DC, I’m an Arlington resident originally from New Orleans.  A friend of a friend was murdered in the french quarter over the weekend because some a-hole was yelling at his wife.  She ignored and the harasser didn’t like that.

The comments by Tigers119 tell the story of what happened beyond the shoddy TP reporting. I don’t expect y’all or any other hollaback outlet to publish anything, but I needed to share this story with people who actually care and WON’T try to blame the widow.

Even though this happened in NOLA, we recently spent time in New Orleans and wanted to share this with the DC community. Our hearts go out to the widow. Catcalling should NEVER lead to murder.

Here is the report from nola.com:

A 23-year-old Metairie man died from stab wounds Sunday after getting into an argument with a motorist in the French Quarter.

Coroner’s Office investigator John Gagliano identified the victim as Ryan Lekosky.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Dauphine and Iberville Streets, shortly after 3:30 a.m. when Lekosky and his wife were walking on the sidewalk when a man drove alongside them and allegedly began yelling inappropriate comments about Lekosky’s wife, New Orleans police said.

Lekosky’s wife confronted the man and the two began fighting. Lekosky was stabbed several times when he tried to break up the struggle, police said.

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8 responses to “When Street Harassment Leads to Murder

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I left a few comments over the past few days that none of it was her fault, or her late husband’s. It’s disturbing to me that the people reading that story thought she “deserved it” because they presumed she was in a Halloween costume (she was in a formal dress) or that she “disrespected her husband” by possibly reacting to the murderer. It makes my heart break.

  2. wow.
    my boyfriend mentioned hearing about this case (before either of us had the details), and said,
    “i can’t imagine an argument with a stranger leading to murder.”
    i said, “i can. i bet anything that guy was trying to stick up for that woman, and got killed for it.”
    but the worst part is, i was right. street harassment can do this. and worst of all, it was my first assumption.

    i feel so sorry for the widow.

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  5. We need to stop saying that – it’s what they are wearing. Don’t even figure that into conversation. I have a boyish like body and, even when I wear stuff a homeless person wears, I STILL GET HARASSED! As I have known for along time, it has nothing to do with what you are wearing, but everything to do with wanting to have control over you. Fighting back is your best option. It is like with rape, it has NOTHING to do with what you wear and it never had, it is about CONTROL! That guy was going to kill him anyways! Like a rapist (70% of rapist premeditate their crimes), sexual harassers, a category of predators who are one step short of being full fledged rapist, premeditate who their victims are. Thus that sick fuck was planning on killing him anyways.

  6. One must accept the fact that according to Police Reports:
    1) Mrs. Lekosky initiated the Criminal Assault

    2) Her Husband a Trained marine and therefore considered by law a deadly weapon unto himself jumped in for who knows what reason

    3) Words do not Constitute a Criminal Assault

    so Basically a Person (scumbag or not is not relevant legally) was using his
    free speech rights on a Public Street, At which Point Mrs. Lekosky initiated
    a criminal Assault on the Suspect. The Husband jumped in and the Suspect
    Defended himself from a Lethal Threat with lethal Force (this is because
    Mr. Lekosky was in uniform and it was plain he was such a threat.
    That is the defense I would expect used. For the Suspect to be charged
    in his role, I would suspect that would need for fairness to have Mrs. Lekosky Charged for her part in the altercation as well. My guess is ….
    Involuntary Manslaughter at best…. Walking free is also possible I think.
    Mrs. Lekosky? She should be charged with Felony Aggravated Assault.
    It takes two to tango after all…. And Legally the one that Initiates a Assault
    is usually the one held responsible for any results of said Assault. Lynch mob mentality is not the Answer. Look at all the parties and the Responsibility they had in this Incident. None of them seem truly ‘Innocent’ … At least Legally.

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