“I was actually terrified and shaking”

Recently, I was carrying a bunch of heavy bags early in the morning, heading down the hill to work. A few guys were hanging around a house – looked like they were doing some kind of work on it – and of course I veer into the road rather than walk past them. I didn’t notice that one dude was standing in the middle of the street. He was tall, had long dreadlocks, and was actually pretty handsome. But he was saying something to me, so I discreetly turned down the music in my earbuds long enough to hear something along the lines of “How you doin'” or “What’s up girl” .  Sigh. I jack my music way up and resume speedwalking down the hill.

What happened next I genuinely didn’t expect – he followed me literally ALL THE WAY to the intersection, which is 4-5 blocks. He followed me screaming and cursing obscenities, how dare I ignore him, bitch, and describing the things he would do to me. I was actually terrified and shaking, half breaking into a jog but still trying to pretend that I didn’t hear him through my headphones. I kept checking his reflection in my phone to see that he actually did follow me until I got to the semi-populated intersection. As soon as I saw him retreat, I called my mom and my husband.

Ugh. I can never escape this shit. I work part time at a store, and am starting to dread when men come up to my register. I don’t even like interacting with them anymore. I get defensive and hateful.


One response to ““I was actually terrified and shaking”

  1. If he was part of the crew that was working on that house, perhaps you could report him for assaulting you. After all, it is illegal to follow someone down the street shouting physical threats at them. And that would get the name of the company he works for onto a police report you can access, which would allow you to call his boss and tell the boss what this employee’s been doing on company time.

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