Masturbator on the Bus

This morning I had a man masturbate in front of me on the bus. I even got a
picture… though I think he realized what I was doing and covered
himself up so I didn’t exactly catch him in the act.

The police essentially told me that since THEY didn’t witness the act,
there’s nothing they could do. They didn’t care at all. I’ve loved
this site for a long time and really appreciate what you guys do for
women and I’m just so mad and upset right now.

Anyway, the picture I took is attached. I just want this man’s face
out there so people know who this creep is.

And the worst part? He got off the bus near an elementary school.
Again, the police didn’t care.
If you post this, I’d like the remain anonymous and I’d even be
willing to write something more coherent and eloquent but I’m just too
pissed right now to think.

Location: Bus


One response to “Masturbator on the Bus

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw this guy on the orange line about a month ago. I thought we was just “adjusting himself,” but then he proceeded to adjust himself for about five minutes. I didn’t say anything, just shot him disgusted looks, but he knew I knew what he was doing and kept looking at me. Nasty!

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