“Dude, the world is full of grenades.”

Cross posted from Stop Street Harassment Blog:

I witnessed two guys who were walking behind a youngish women in leggings and high heeled boots and checking her out, then walking quickly to the side of her, presumably to check out her face. After seeing her face, the two of them walked more slowly to end up behind her again, as one said to the other, “Dude, the world is full of grenades.”

Submitted by anonymous

Location: Dupont Circle

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3 responses to ““Dude, the world is full of grenades.”

  1. What does that even mean? I’m not up on my lingo.

  2. Grenade = “ugly girl”. Many guys think hot girls always have one “ugly” friend and if she doesn’t get any attention, she and her female friends will leave, so the “wingman” jumps on the “grenade” to ensure that his friend can hook up with the hot one. It’s vile.

  3. At first I thought they were speaking in what I call “harasser-ese,” just saying whatever crap comes out of their mouths to get a woman’s attention. Now that I know what their intent was, I’m even more sickened than ever at this!

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