“you did not just harass me in the coop.”

passing in an aisle, a guy leaned in to my ear and said “you look nice.” I paused for a second thinking about what to do. I turned around and said in a loudish voice: “you did not just harass me in the coop.” he was about 10 feet away at this point. he put up one hand in a sorry gesture and said “sorry.” I got louder. I said, “You picked the wrong person and the wrong place?” he put up both hands in apology and said, “sorry, I’m sorry.” the apology was nice. I was bummed none of the other customers or coop workers came over to see what was going on. and harassment “works”: I was nervous the whole rest of the time I was shopping, esp. when I turned a corner and wasn’t sure if I’d see him again.

Submitted by lauren on 1/2/2011

Location: takoma park silver spring food coop

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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One response to ““you did not just harass me in the coop.”

  1. I get leered at quite a bit at the Takoma Park co-op, but I’ve never had a guy actually try to talk to me. I’m so glad you confronted him! And no wonder you were nervous. It’s a tiny store with such narrow aisles. I’ve found it really stressful trying to avoid a overinterested creep since the aisle setup can make you feel alone even if there’s people at the registers or in other aisles.

    Perhaps only feminist men should be allowed to buy organic food.

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