Overheard on the Bus

Photo by chenines via flickr

This didn’t happen to me, but I wanted to share it. I didn’t hear most of what happened because I was listening to headphones, but I overheard the man tell a teenage girl to “suck my dick, bitch.” She responded, “why don’t you try growing one and leave a fucking teenager alone?” The man kept being foulmouthed the entire time, though it didn’t seem to be directed solely at her, just everyone on the bus. Though she was with a friend and didn’t seem visibly upset, it did make me sad that women that young are susceptible to this type of thing on public transportation.

At one point I saw a bus driver ask a man to get off the bus, which didn’t happen and I’m not sure why, but I appreciate that he at least attempted. I wasn’t sure what else to do since the driver seemed to be aware of the issue and I hadn’t seen everything that happened.

Submitted by anonymous on 1/6/2011

Location: 70 North to Silver Spring

Time of harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

Do you have a personal experience with gender-based public sexual harassment or assault you would like to submit? Just click here and fill out the online submission form. All submissions are posted anonymously unless you specify.


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