Up-Skirt Filming Suspect Caught at Dulles

David Solomon, a man who worked at the Borders in Washington-Dulles International Airport is facing charges for up-skirting.  After receiving a report authorities launched an investigation and discovered more than 700 videos where he aimed the camera up women’s skirts and a guide explaining how to up-skirt. Because of prior conviction Solomon could be facing felony charges.

Thank you CZ for alerting us to this story and to the Airports Authority police for taking the report seriously.

Read the full story from NBC Washington:

A Virginia man is facing charges for allegedly videotaping under women’s skirts in public places.

Airports Authority police began an investigation of 26-year-old David Solomon in June after a couple that had just flown into Dulles International Airport complained that it appeared a man had been following them and taking pictures. Solomon allegedly stayed particularly close to the woman as he followed them on every escalator. Then the couple saw a telephoto lens sticking out of the man’s messenger bag.

The man wore an employee nametag from the Borders bookstore at the airport, so police were able to identify him quickly. Police also learned that Solomon had been accused of similar transgressions in the past.

Solomon had been convicted on three counts of unlawful filming for videotaping female students while he was at the University of Virginia in 2006 and 2007.

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One response to “Up-Skirt Filming Suspect Caught at Dulles

  1. Pervert. He needs psychological help if this is repeated behavior!!

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