Even When You’re Pregnant!

Photo by futurestreet via flickr

Headed to the bus stop from work, sporting a 4-month baby bump, when a man in a dark blue pickup truck decided to slow down to 5 mph for a sleazy catcall. “Damn, that’s a fine dress…” Really?! Even in maternity clothing?!

Not sure if this is worse than getting harassed by the DC garbage men while walking my dogs in a snow suit.

Submitted by LA

Location:16th &K Street NW

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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3 responses to “Even When You’re Pregnant!

  1. How do you get the dogs to wear a snow suit?

  2. I have actually had multiple guy friends tell me that pregnant women are sexy to them. And my pregnant friends tell me cat calls increase with their belly size. I find it pretty creepy. I read an article that said something about pregnancy and its sign of fertility being a natural attraction to men. Still gross

  3. I know this is an old thread, but…ESPECIALLY when you’re pregnant! I don’t live in DC but I’ve had my share of street harassment in the medium-size town I live in. I promise it was never worse than when I was pregnant with my child. I don’t know why this is or maybe it’s just that you seem more “vulnerable” to them at that time, but more men tried to talk to me, complimented me on how “pretty” I looked, said my husband was a lucky man to have such a wife, etc. than ever before when I was pregnant – even worse at 8-9 months! I’d have never expected this if it hadn’t happened to me.

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