Washington Post Covers DC’s Anti-Street Harassment Efforts

Exciting news! On Sunday, the Washington Post Magazine is running an in-depth article on anti-street harassment efforts in DC. The article features us, along with Stop Street Harassment, long time anti-street harassment activist, Marty Langelan (who also happens to be one of our inspirations for starting HBDC!), and others who have gotten involved in the local movement.

You can already read the article online.

As our friend Holly said on Stop Street Harassment:

It’s huge that such a major publication would dedicate so much space (five pages!) to anti-street harassment work. More and more people and institutions are recognizing that street harassment is a serious problem, worthy of their attention, and they’re recognizing that we’re not stopping or shutting up. We’re speaking out, taking action, and making sure this issue is acknowledged and then addressed/prevented all over the world.

Big thank you to everyone has given their time to the DC movement to end street harassment and to the Washington Post for taking this problem seriously.

You can catch us on the Washington Post’s livechat TODAY at 1pm. HBDC! Co-founders Shannon Lynberg and Chai Shenoy will be answering your questions about street harassment.


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