A man on a bicycle rode by and told me “I should put that on his mustache, honey”. The “honey”, I guess, was to make the previous comment less crude.

Submitted by anonymous on 8/12/2011

Location: I St NW and 15th

Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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3 responses to ““honey”

  1. The vileness still manages to amaze me. What do these men think? They’re being classy? Just pathetic.

  2. What is it with these guys?
    Last year, a nine-year-old in one of my kids’ self-defense classes told me about a very similar experience: an adult male stranger said, “Hey little honey, I want you to sit on my face.” The kid didn’t exactly know what he meant but was totally freaked out by the way he looked at her and his tone of voice — she ran home. Later that week, after self-defense class, she told me about it and asked what did the man mean by that, why did he say that?
    How does a caring adult even answer that question?
    I just said the man was being really creepy, and praised her for her quick thinking — told her it was great the way she recognized that it didn’t feel right and got away from him to a safe place as fast as possible.
    We were not able to identify the guy or catch him.
    My question: Do these guys all go to harasser-school together? What kind of total jerks now think it’s ok for them to say that to anyone on the street, even little girls?
    PARENTS: Please teach your children that if something feels creepy to them, IT IS CREEPY. Yell, run + tell: Yell NO, run to someplace safe (people they know) right away, and tell a grown-up what just happened.

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