“girl, you working it like a professional”

I was at the gas station filling the tank, and I was washing my windshield when a jerk in the car next to me, who was with his buddy, said “girl, you working it like a professional”. I was certainly not wearing anything overly tight, revealing or skimpy… a little later he said “yeah I was talking to you”. Well I’d had a few minutes to think up a reply by then, so I told him I don’t deal with guys who have so little game they have to pay for hookers, but I was curious how much extra they charge to wash your windshields. Which put his buddy into hysterics, and then I drove off. I have found on several occasions that if you can think up a retort that make their buddies fall over laughing and have a getaway right then, you leave them embarrassed in front of their friends and you served it right back. They may not learn but at least you made them feel as uncomfortable as they made you feel!

Submitted by Liz S. on 8/13/2011

Location:  Liberty Gas Station

Time of harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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2 responses to ““girl, you working it like a professional”

  1. Glad that worked for you —- but please be careful. They could have easily followed you after you took off.

  2. I was at a gas station putting air in my tires. Of course i had to bend down to do it. When i was finished, i stood up and turned around to see that a FIREFIGHTER had been standing right behind me the entire time admiring the view i guess? He then goes on to lay his creepy game on me with “you are so fine, blah blah” Thanks but i have a man. This guy would not budge until i just ignored him, got in my car and drove off! Didn’t meant to hijack the post but your experience at the gas station just took me back. I think women should be extra careful at gas stations.

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