from VA to the Outerbanks

Last summer I was at a hotel in NC with a bunch of friends from my church(I’m from VA). Me and one girl were walking on the beach. It was pretty dark but there were some people around and the hotel had some lights on. We walked up on the boardwalk-like porch which had swings and a gazebo, etc. So there were these two guys out on the porch as well talking with bottles in their hands. Me and my friend (she is a particularly cute red-head) walked up the porch and as soon as I saw them, I had a little hesitance. As we got closer, I saw that they were drunk. I walked past them towards the hotel with my friend and then she remembered that she had left her shoes back by the swings. She passed through the men to go get them. She picked them up and one of them said, “Aww… what a pretty little thing. Your friends went and left you aaaalll alone.” The words were bad enough, but the way he said them made me sick in my stomach. Every flag went up. I quickly piped up and said, “No, they didn’t,” and pushed my way through, grabbed her hand, and marched back towards a large group of people. This may not seem that bad, but it was at night, this was my first real experience with this kind of attention or threat, and we both were only 15 at the time. I was shaken for a long time and went back at told several people what happened. One of these was a male staffer that was with us, and he thought it was funny, which also disturbed me.

Submitted by anonymous on 8/14/2011

Location: Outerbanks, NC

Time of harassment: Night (7:30P-12A)

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One response to “from VA to the Outerbanks

  1. Good for you for sticking with your friend.

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