Boys & Girls Club Scammer

I think this is the same “Boys and Girls Club” scammer as previous entries. I was walking to a doctor appointment when a 20-ish guy with dreads and a baseball cap came up to me and asked me something incomprehensible. I said, “Excuse me? No, I’m sorry, I–” and he cut me off with, “Is it because I’m black?” Needless to say I went off on him to the point where he took out his phone (a way to deflect people so I ignored it) and said he was calling the police. I gave him my doctor’s address and told him to send them there. He said he represented B&G Club but wouldn’t show me his binder. On my way back from the doctor, I told him I had all the time in the world now and lit into him again. He kept asking me to donate something to him or “the kids.

Submitted by Kelly

Location: Connecticut Ave at Dupont Circle

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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One response to “Boys & Girls Club Scammer

  1. I’m very conflicted on whether or not I really want to leave this comment, because I certainly don’t want to sound like I’m trying to school the original poster in what harassing behavior she judges as inappropriate and worthy of an atomic reaction, and in any event I obviously wasn’t there to feel out the situation. plus, those “Boys and Girls Club” guys have gotten me before, and I know damn well just how annoying they can be when you won’t give them money and don’t walk away quite fast enough.

    that said, if you went off on him to the point that he pulled out his phone and even threatened to call the police…I don’t know, are these the tactics we should be using on our harassers? the short term goal of any contact you willingly prolong with a harasser is most likely just to blow off steam, because they’re obnoxious chodes and it feels good. but that kind of thing is just going to convince them that they were in the right and you were crazy. and while that wouldn’t be your problem, as you’ll most likely never see the guy again, it’ll be the next woman’s problem, and the next, ad infinitum or until the guy really understands the wrongness of his behavior.

    TL;DR – is unbridled rage really an effective tool for *fighting* harassment, rather than just flailing against it? hell, even when I was a little kid, I was told that boys teased me just to get a rise out of me. it’s almost like we’re giving them what they want this way…

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