“Do you have any socks or shoes for me?”

So on Friday I was walking though Franklin Park and I had time left before I had to be back in the office so I sat down on a bench. I work really close to the park so I know a lot about the homeless. I’ve actually had a couple of remarks made at me before but this experience was different. So I’m on the bench when this young guy ( who appears to be homeless) comes up to me and asks me for some change. He smells like urine and was barefoot so I obliged and gave him so change out of my purse. Then he asked me if I had any socks or shoes he could have, which of course I didn’t. He then proceeded to spit on me and took my flats right off my feet! I was shocked! Nobody seemed to see it either. I was so in a daze the whole rest of the day. It was awful. This guy ruined my day. I walked back to the office barefoot and had to take the metro that way too. Please if anyone has seen this guy before please say something. I have a pretty good description from what I remember.

He was white,tall with black hair and glasses. He was wearing a white john deer shirt with black athletic pants and was barefoot. He was very young, id say 19 or 20. It feels really good to get that off my chest. I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before.

Submitted by Kim

Location: Franklin Park

Time of harassment: Day Time (9:30A-3:30P)

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2 responses to ““Do you have any socks or shoes for me?”

  1. That sounds awful! So sorry that happened to you. You should report it to the police since you have a pretty good description of him and the location.

  2. That’s so terrible. Report him since the local police probably know the homeless population. Next time someone tries, I would kick, yell and run.

    And this goes for everyone, please ignore the homeless as otherwise they will feel entitled and dependent on hand outs- if you want to help, donate to a local homeless shelter / food bank / job program.

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