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Too Many Occurrences

Image by Lighthelper via Flickr

I was walking home from work at 16th and 1 block below P Street, NW, when two guys approached me and told me I have a fat ass. I said no thank you and kept walking, at which point they started following me. Fortunately, a bus pulled up and I was able to cross the street and catch it in time. It was very unnerving.

I also had an experience a couple weeks ago in front of the Target in Columbia Heights were a man asking for donations for Planned Parenthood, of all places, approached me to ask for money and then kept on about how he had watched me walk up the street and when I came out of Target wanted to talk to me. Ew.

Submitted by Elizabeth
Location: 16th and P St. NW
Time of harassment: Evening Rush Hour (3:30P-7:30P)

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“Sista” Fights Back 3 Times!

Photo by woody1778a via flickr

Photo by woody1778a via flickr

Goodness! I couldn’t get to my doctor’s appointment today without being sexually harassed by dumb men! Worst of all, all three were on the clock doing this.

I was walking down P to get to my appointment, and this fool stops his truck, a truck for HD Supply, to yell “Yo, sexy!” at me and give me a shit-eating grin. I will never forget those nasty gappy teeth of his.

“Thank you so much for sexually harassing a woman while on the job,” I said. The sarcasm was lost on him because he gave an even bigger grin, laughed and drove off. I took down his license plate number and company in my notebook.

Further along P, a white utility van (no logo on it) beeps his horn at me. This pisses me off so I started to run after the van. The van stops, but then drives off. I did get his license plate number, but I was so frazzled that I forgot it seconds later.

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