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6 responses to “Submit Your Experience

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  2. Hello Holla Back DC!
    I’m sure by now most are aware of this incident. It didn’t happen in DC, but I think its a great example of how to handle street harassment:

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  5. I was just coming into work late this morning and I got hit on two blocks from home over by the Chipotle on Connecticut Ave NW and Calvert St NW. The harasser called to me as I was crossing the street, “Hey young lady.” At first, I thought some friends were teasing me. I looked to see a face I didn’t know.

    When I got to the other side of the street and he still had a red light, I called back to him, “Hey, who are you?”

    He evaded the question.

    I called back to him. “Please show some respect–we’re strangers.” So polite. So deferential. But it’s a start.

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