The Street Harassment Map

Check out our interactive Google Map of reported incidents of street harassment.  To learn more about the incidents marked on the map, click on the  pin icons below.

Want to contribute? To submit your story now, click here.

13 responses to “The Street Harassment Map

  1. Oh I just noticed this map is up and running – AWESOME!

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  4. Golden Silence

    Is the map going to be updated again soon?

  5. Yes. It will be updated today.

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  10. The map is great. Would it be possible to make the raw data available for further analysis?

  11. It’s great to see this map here. I came here after reading the WashPost article and wanted to inform you about a few resources that might help expand your mapping efforts. Crowdmap ( is a free tool that allows you to create a map similar to this one, but also map reports via Twitter, e-mail, web-site forms, or an iPhone app (, which can include a photo and exact coordinates from the phone’s GPS. It was created by the software non-profit Ushahidi, which has been used to power similar efforts like the Egyptian Harassmap (

    Crowdmap is super easy to use and very self-explanatory, but if you’d like help or more information, just ping me back: I’m a geographer and crisis mapper.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks so much for the support and advice! We are actually working on developing a new map. We’re still in the very early stages and would love to get in touch with you, especially if you are interested in helping out!

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